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May 19, 2017

Repurposing Round-Up: Necktie Edition

Common thrift store staples are DEFINITELY not limited to the housewares section. And if you walk into any Goodwill store, then you know how plentiful neckties are!

And the crazy thing is…95% are high quality silk ties in perfect or near-perfect condition! When something is that common and that inexpensive, then repurposing them is a great idea- plus, it’s a fun way to dip your toes in the world of sewing if you’ve never picked up a needle and thread before!


So, I’ve gathered up a few fun DIY ideas, ranging from décor to accessories to gifts, all made from secondhand neckties.


Seasonal/Holiday Wreath – How fun is this? Collect seasonally-themed neckties (like these patriotic ones) for a fun and fresh take on a wreath for your front door!


Quilted Necktie Coasters – What a fun DIY idea for him- Father’s Day gift, perhaps?


Scissor Holder – Crafters around the world rejoice! DIY scissor holders are here…and you can easily label them.


ID Case – Just in time for summer concerts, festivals, and trips; a fun ID & card case to stick in a pocket or toss in a tote.


Cuff Bracelet – This is a fun and easy bracelet idea that I just LOVE…a little prep goes a long way.


Camera Strap – Neckties are long enough to become straps for cameras… guitars… or even tote bags!


Reusable Coffee Sleeve – Add some style to your joe-to-go coffee cup with a repurposed necktie coffee sleeve!


Fashion Belt – From his neck to her waist, a necktie can remain a fun accessory without much modification.


Luggage Accessories – When 100 black suitcases roll by at the airport, you can spot yours easily with repurposed necktie luggage accessories!


Wine Tote – Safely transport a bottle of wine (or any bottle of your choice!) from the store to your house or the party you’re off to with this fun wine tote.



Is your interest piqued yet? As someone who travels fairly frequently for work, I am definitely eyeballing the luggage accessories idea! And a scavenger hunt for colorful neckties sounds right up my alley!

Craft on!


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