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April 30, 2018

Repurposing Round-Up: Glass Bottle Edition

Even before glass recycling ended in places like Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, I’d still see unusual (and sometimes plain!) glass bottles at Goodwill. Some were always meant to be decorative, but others were not- and somehow ended up in the donation pile instead of the blue bin. But regardless of whether you can or cannot recycle glass in your area, there are dozens of ways to repurpose them into décor instead. So, I’ve gathered a few DIY ideas for inspiration the next time you find glass bottles at Goodwill!


DIY Seaglass Bottles– Coastal style is never out of style, is it? And you can bring the beach indoors with this project- no matter where you live.

Plant Waterer– Never worry about your houseplants again while you’re on vacation with this fun recycling idea.

Glass Bottle Lamp– What a “bright” idea! And transforming a bottle into a lamp is easier than you might think…

Yarn-wrapped Bottle Décor– Don’t want to paint your bottles? Use colorful yarn, twine, or string to create fresh, coordinating décor for your space!

Glass Etched Bottles– Just in time for outdoor dining season, these glass bottle candleholders can be personalized with easy-to-do etching.

Vintage labels– Adding vintage-inspired labels (printed at home) to plain bottles gives them instant charm to incorporate in your home décor.

Mosaic Wine Bottle– Now, isn’t this lovely?? Creating your own mosaic masterpiece on a wine bottle is DEFINITELY going on my to-DIY list.

Glass Bottle Gourds– File away this project for Autumn and use an easy painting technique to transform glass bottles into decorative pumpkins and gourds.

Sand covered bottles– A fun twist on summer / coastal décor with this beachy way to upcycle your bottles!

Modern Art Painted Bottles– These LOOK like high-end abstract pieces, but the idea is so simple, you won’t believe how easy this look is to achieve.



Those glass bottles on the thrift store shelves aren’t looking quite as boring anymore, are they? Hope these ideas inspire you to get creative with those plain glass bottles on the Goodwill shelves!

Craft on!