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March 28, 2018

Repurposing Round-Up: Denim Edition

Even though I’ve never personally upcycled/repurposed blue jeans, I’m constantly in awe of how creative people can be with old denim. From refashioning new things to wear to covering furniture, to pet toys and beyond, the ideas are seemingly limitless. And speaking of limitless, so is the selection of blue jeans at your local Goodwill! So, I decided to gather a few favorite project ideas with upcycled blue jeans to spark some creativity- both yours and mine!


1. Picnic Quilt: Summer is around the corner, which means picnics, BBQs, and patriotic holidays are a-coming…and wouldn’t this be perfect all summer long? 
2. Pocket Organizer: Who isn’t looking for more ways to organize at home? What a fun way to keep the clutter at bay… 

3. Denim Wrap Bracelet: I absolutely LOVE how this turned out- the perfect accessory for summer concerts and festivals! 
4. Blue Jean Bag: Creating a bag from old jeans is a great idea- especially with tougher, sturdier denim that is less comfortable to wear. 
5. Striped Pillow: I’m not even sure I would have known this was denim until I looked at it close up- and it would be fun to find different hues of blues to recreate this throw pillow. 
6. Fabric Flowers: I adore the combination of denim with other fabric to create these flower embellishments…they could become brooches, hair accessories…or even used on a fresh summer wreath! 
7. Recovered Storage Ottoman: How fantastic is this? An upcycled denim-covered ottoman that doubles as storage. 
8. Work Apron: For gardening, painting, or any other messy work, a blue jean apron is the perfect work horse accessory to take a beating instead of your clothes. 
9. Patriotic Garland: Festive and simple for July 4th décor, this is a great way to upcycle blue jeans that have seen better days. 
10. Bean Bags: Anyone up for a game of cornhole? Denim bean bags would be a fun new addition to that favorite backyard game. 


See what I mean? So many different ways to upcycle and repurpose blue jeans- think you’ll be perusing the clothing aisle on your next thrifting trip? I know I will…

Craft on!


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