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August 03, 2017

Repurposing Round-Up: Book Edition

Books, of any kind, are a constant at thrift stores. Whether you want a new beach read, or collect old cookbooks, or are building a library of chapter books for your little ones, Goodwill will undoubtedly have what you need! And if reading isn’t your end game plan, then books also make for a fun repurposing medium with countless possibilities!

So, to get your creative juices flowing, I’ve assembled a collection of 10 upcycling ideas using old books – but consider this post the first of two! Today we’ll look at using old books, and next month we’ll focus on book pages. See? I told you the possibilities were endless…


Decorative Shelf – Sometimes you put books on a shelf, but other times…the shelf is made of books! 


Table Base – I love this idea of taking a full encyclopedia set and refashioning them into a sturdy a table base. 


Fairy Garden Planter – Add a whimsical spin to a fairy garden by planting one inside an old book from the thrift store. 


Painted Books – What a terrific way to give damaged books a new lease on life! Paint and stencil them into fun, fresh, contemporary décor.


Knife Block – Now THIS is a fun way to add a little funky touch to your kitchen counter- and it’ll keep your knives safely tucked away. 


Book Hooks – This is a fun way to repurpose those children’s books that perhaps have pages marked with crayons and markers- and it’ll be decoratively functional in a kid’s or play room! 


Zippered Book Clutch – Ok, I might have to dust off my old sewing skills to create one of these book clutches. 


Cat Food Dish – How fun is this? And for a dog, you could definitely make it taller so that it’s easier for them to eat from. 


Photo Album – Oh, how I love this…so much better than keeping my photos in boxes AND the book pages will keep the photos flat!


Jewelry Display – Pairing old books with pretty knobs to display (and organize) your necklaces is a fantastic DIY that anyone can do! 


So many fun DIY ideas, I’m not sure which one is my favorite. But, it definitely reminds me to check out the book section at Goodwill next time I go thrifting!

Craft on!


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