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May 23, 2018

Repurposing Round-Up: Baking Pans

I bet you don’t think of baking pans as something full of upcycling opportunities, but I’m here to prove you wrong! When you visit Goodwill, there are usually a plethora of baking pans- from cakes, to cookies, to loaves, to muffins, to pies and beyond, the supply is essentially limitless. And if they’re too rusty for baking, then a repurpose craft project is the perfect way to breathe new life into those old baking pans- let me show you a few of my favorites.


Stepping Stone with Key Hider


Jell-o Mold Toadstools


Muffin Tin Seed Starter


Tiered Stand


Magnetic Memo Board


Cake Stand


Bottle Cap Coasters


Beach Ball Wreath


Pie Pan Cork Board


Bundt Pan Planter


See, what did I tell you? Whether you paint them, plant in them, or drill holes through them, the baking pan section of Goodwill is always worth checking out!

Craft on!