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September 05, 2017

Repurpose Round-Up: Book Edition

As I’ve mentioned before, books are a very common item at Goodwill– old, new, big, and small, there is always a wide variety of options. Sometimes, though, the books themselves may be in subpar condition- so repurposing them becomes more of a challenge.

But, there are TONS of great ideas for repurposing the pages- and just the pages! And the fun part is, just about any paper craft you find could be tweaked to use book pages (or atlas maps, or sheet music…) to add a new twist and look to your craft project. Here are ten fun ideas to get you in the mood to upcycle with book pages…


Mini Book Pendant Necklace– Transform the pages of a vintage book into the cutest little DIY necklace- it’s even “leather bound!



Decorative Bottles– What a great double-repurpose! Glass bottles or jars from your recycling bin given a decorative touch with page and upcycled book pages.


Book Page Apples– Just in time for Fall decorating, use pages from a thrift store book to create darling apples.


Fall Banner– And to go with you autumn apples? A book page banner- this one for Fall, but you could make one for any season or holiday.


Drawer liner– whether you use printed pages from a book, sheet music, or old maps, any of these thrift store finds are ideal for lining drawers in desks and dressers!


Vase/Jar Filler– Small book page scrolls tied up with twine are a super inexpensive way to get that high-end farmhouse look- as vase and jar fillers!


Magnets– Whether you love the font used in a book…or want to make our own magnetic poetry…or just find meaningful/symbolic words on a page, these DIY magnets are fun to make and would be a terrific gift.


DIY Gift Tags– File this away for a couple of months for the holidays! Book pages as DIY gift tags- how awesome is that?


Holiday Ornaments– I’m pretty sure the sky is the limit with here- but I adore these dimensional Christmas ornaments in different shapes! All using book pages…


Confetti/Table Scatter– All you need is an old book and a craft punch…in any shape…and you can create super easy confetti or table scatter for just about any occasion. Fill the envelope of an invitation…toss at a wedding…or sprinkle on a table- the possibilities are endless!




So many fun DIY ideas, I’m not sure which one is my favorite. But, it definitely reminds me to check out the book section at Goodwill next time I go thrifting. And it won’t be the COVERS I’m looking at, but rather what’s between them.

Craft on!


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