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September 07, 2011

Reader Redesign

Let me introduce to you a new segment…Reader Redesign. I’m so inspired by projects that my readers have shared with me, and I want you to be equally inspired! Friends, you are amazing! You are so creative and I love looking at your crafts and Goodwill purchases!

Alicia found a wicker tray and gave it new life with a little primer and paint. You know I love aqua! You can read more about it on her blog.



Nicole found the AWESOME lamp that doesn’t even need to be fixed up! And, it was only $5.00. Why would someone give away such a fun lamp? I’m glad they did and that you scored it, Nicole!

Courtney bought this top and skirt for a concert. Great find! I always admire when someone can take two unlikely pieces and pair them into an incredible outfit.

Tami tackled the Book Page Wreath and did a great job! I love it, Tami! Has anyone else tried this, yet?

Keep the pictures coming! You have no idea how much I love seeing what you’re working on! Geniuses–every one of you.

Enjoying the Good Life,


  1. I’m so excited about my lamp, too! So glad I snagged that little prize:)

    The rest of this stuff looks amazing!! Everyone did such a great job! and I’m LOVING the wreath!!

    • goodwillsc

      Yes, you had an amazing find!

  2. Lovin’ that Courtney girl’s outfit!

    • goodwillsc

      I know! Me, too!

  3. Hey that is me on there! 🙂 I really really admire everyone’s creativity, it is super inspiring.

    P.S. any chance of getting a link or a tutorial on how to make the book pages wreath??

  4. never mind, I found your post about the wreath! hehe

    • goodwillsc

      Oh, good! You should make it!