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December 12, 2012

Reader Redesign: Rene’s Thrifty Holiday Decor

Rene’, a Good Life reader, has a great blog called The Domestic Lady and sometimes she posts her awesome finds on my Facebook. One time she shared a rug that she bought at Goodwill that I am still, admittedly, a little jealous of. And the couch.

(Also, if you’re the sort of person who is a blog stalker lover of pretty things, you should look at her wedding. Gorgeous.)

Recently, she shared her holiday table decor with me and, let me tell you–it’s great! She bought this mirror at Goodwill for $3! And, I think her use for it is fabulous and creative (Can I say fabulously creative?).

Thank you for sharing, Rene’! I love what you’ve done!

Readers–do you have any Goodwill finds that you’d like to share? Send them my way! I’d love to see!

Enjoying the Good Life,



  1. This is fantastic!

    Its amazing how one simple thing can make such a fun difference.

    • goodwillsc

      Definitely! That couch is my fav…

  2. Thanks for featuring me!!

    • goodwillsc

      Absolutely! Thank you for being such a great reader and for sending me awesome inspiration!

  3. Great find! Love the way Rene repurposed it, it makes everything shine so much brighter!

    The Goodwill Gal

  4. That’s such a fun centerpiece!

    • goodwillsc

      I think so, too!