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December 17, 2012

Reader Redesign: Leigh Ann’s Dress Makeover

I’m going to interrupt our “Handmade Holidays” to share another awesome Reader Redesign! (Guys, I seriously love seeing what you are doing with your Goodwill purchases!) Don’t worry–I have more Handmade Holiday crafts up my sleeve that I am looking forward to sharing with you!

Leigh Ann bought this adorable flower girl dress at Goodwill for her daughter to wear in a wedding.

The only problem was, it wouldn’t completely button in the back. So, Leigh Ann got super creative. She hot glued a piece of stretchy material into the back of the dress. Then, she added a few flower pins (like you would pin on a shirt) over the material to cover up the spot.

How creative is that? I really feel like you would never know that the dress had been altered.

Leigh Ann, thanks for sharing this! I love what you did with it and I love that you thought outside of the box with your Goodwill purchase! Gold stars for you, for sure!

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