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December 04, 2013

Reader Redesign// Book Page Art




Lindsay sent me this awesome book page art that she made for her house! She has a knack for diy, so expect to see some more redesigns from her in the future.

In her words:

“A friend was moving and getting rid of stuff, so I snagged this canvas from her. It was from Ikea, and had a picture of a tree or something on it. I bought the book from Goodwill. I was looking for a book that would be sort of meaningful, and ended up choosing a Zane Gray novel because my grandfather loves his books. I included the title page on the canvas as a shout-out to him (even though he may never see it, it makes me think of him whenever I see it).”

I really love the sentiment behind it and I love the way she styled it on her mantle for Christmas!

Thanks for sharing, Lindsay!

Enjoying the Good Life,