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April 17, 2017

Putting the Fun in a Functional Workspace

For someone who has been at their current job and desk for a little less than a year, I’ve really made myself at home, stacking up unused paper towels,amassing a collection of vitamin bottles, and a truly unruly snack drawer.

To get a jump start on a more organized second year, I decided to get my desk together and to make it a little more fun and personal in the process but of course, without spending too much money.

Problem area number one was my assorted bottles of health, as I call them. Because I am at work five days a week, that’s where I keep my daily vitamins, probiotics gummies, and fish oil capsules. Just the simple act of corralling them into this nice little basket makes it look much more organized than them sitting around in a loose collection. A nice dish or even a cake stand would be a good alternative to a basket too.


Something else I have a ton of are pens! Colored pens are essential to my job because they help me stay organized plus it’s easier to pay attention to notes that are in fun colors. So to keep with the fun theme I was looking for an unusual pen holder — enter this ice cream cone shaped cup, complete with sprinkles on the edge. Now my scissors and pens have a sweet little place to stay until I need to take notes during a meeting, in pink glitter (naturally).

FullSizeRender (32)


This adventure isn’t quite over though, as I am still on the hunt for something heavy. My little bookshelf of training manuals, dictionary, and AP Stylebook have a blah black bookend holding them up but I’d really like something a little more stylish. My dream Goodwill score is a geode bookend that are selling in stores for upwards of $20 these days. The thrill of the hunt is almost as good as actually finding the item in question!


So get personal and make your workspace your own, it’s likely you’re there almost as much as you are at your home! Other ways to add some luxe to your workday that can be found at Goodwill are: lamps, your own personal coffee maker, and perhaps some royal art?


Do you personalize your workspace or is it strictly function over form?