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May 22, 2017

Purse Repurposed Into Camera Bag

A couple of months ago, I bought a digital single lens reflex camera (or DSLR). For someone who is very thrifty and always tries to find the best deal, it was quite an investment. As I continue to get more comfortable with the camera, I understand why everyone carries their DSLR wherever they go. You want to take photos of everything! But carrying around a camera bag along with a purse is not very functional and can be quite the eyesore. Looking around the internet, I did find stylish and functional bags but could not justify a $300 camera bag purchase.

As always, Goodwill to the rescue! If you choose to use a purse for a camera bag like I did, make sure it has:

1. enough space to fit the camera and all the extra equipment;

2. extra space to add padded inserts to protect everything;

3. strong straps! You don’t want to damage your expensive camera.

As I was browsing Goodwill’s purse section, I came across this bag and quickly snatched it up (Does anyone else feel the need to grab things quickly when shopping at Goodwill? I’m always worried someone will get to it before me.)

May 2017 Goodwill Post[1]

Minor damage but nothing that can’t easily be fixed.

May 2017 Goodwill Post[1]2

May 2017 Goodwill Post[1]3

To get out the pen marks and give the bag an overall cleaning, I turned it inside out and tossed it in the washing machine for a quick rinse cycle.

May 2017 Goodwill Post[1]4

It has three compartments: the middle one is large enough to comfortably fit the camera and a lens or two (with foam inserts). The sides can fit extra equipment, as well as personal items. I like the option of using the handles or the straps. And, if the strap isn’t sturdy enough, I can easily change it out. All I need is quality padded inserts, and I’m good to go. (Knowing me, I will probably make them!)

May 2017 Goodwill Post[1]5

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