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April 16, 2012

Pink Ruffle Wreath

What do you get when you combine a wreath base, a 90’s sweatshirt, and a seersucker blouse?




Why, a fabulous ruffled wreath, of course! Ruffled wreath. Say that 10x fast.

I started by cutting strips out of the sweatshirt and folding them into ruffles. The sweatshirt fabric was thick and held its shape well.

I tacked the underneath of each fold with a bit of hot glue and glued the ruffle down to the wreath base.

Then, I cut two rectangles out of the seersucker blouse–one larger than the other.

I hemmed the edges, then laid the smaller one over the larger one and sewed a loose, long stitch down the middle, pulled the strings, and made a ruffle.

I hot glued the ruffled bow onto my wreath ruffle.

Frilly. Girly. Fun.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Start your week out with a fun craft. If you do, I’d love to see it!

Enjoying the Good Life,