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June 16, 2016

Patch Perfect Cutoffs

Last week I had to mend some of my husband’s jeans. I kept one pair of his old jeans to use the fabric for patching. As I was cutting into one leg, I realized the jeans were (accidentally) being formed into a great pair of cutoffs.

This gave me an idea for a quick project: cutoffs for the summer! I decided to use men’s jeans because the fit is more relaxed. Also, most jeans made for women have some stretch in them and those aren’t the best for cutoffs.

For this trip, I headed to the nearest Goodwill Clearance Center. You do have to do a little more digging at the center but the finds can be worth it.

When I got to the Clearance Center it was packed! Granted, it was a Sunday and the price (per pound) was slashed in half.

I lucked out and found two pair of jeans. Since both jeans were close in color, I decided to revamp one pair.

Get ready for a DIY Project!

Materials Needed:

  • Pair of cutoffs
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Sewing Machine

For this project I focused on the back pockets.

First, place the fabric on the jeans with the wrong side showing. Outline the shape of the pocket onto the fabric. Cut out two pieces slightly larger than the size of the pockets. If your piece of fabric is large enough, fold it in half so you’ll only have to cut once.


Pin the fabric to the pockets with the right side facing up.


Before you start sewing, turn the shorts inside out. Use the stitching of the pockets as guidelines for where to sew.


Once you’re finished sewing on the inside, turn the jeans right side out and finish the top of the pockets.


Once you’re finished, trim the excess fabric around the edge of the pockets.


And you’re finished!


What are you refashioning for the summer?