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April 30, 2014

Papering a Bookshelf

For quite a while, I’ve been wanting to paper the back of this bookshelf. I saw it done in Young House Love and I really like how it adds another layer of detail. When my sister gave me a roll of wood grain wrapping paper, I knew it was right. Originally, I planned on using poster board, but my shelf is 30″ wide, which is just a bit wider than poster board, so I had to hold out for a big box. The box ended up being sturdier, which I think was better in the end.


I measured the inside of each shelf and drew the panels onto my cardboard box.

IMG_5227Then, my Mr. cut out all my panels with a box cutter. Isn’t he great like that?

IMG_5228Once they were cut, I just wrapped them with my wrapping paper as if I were wrapping a gift (I didn’t cover the backs) and popped them into the back of the shelf. Easy!




I think it adds so much interest! And, since we had the box, it only cost a roll of wrapping paper. And, since mine was a gift…this project was free! The best kind!

Have you ever tried this? I’d love to see!

Enjoying the Good Life,


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