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December 02, 2014

Painting Ornaments (And, stepping away from the screen…)

This fall, I attended Alt for Everyone (game. changer.) and one of the speakers talked about taking a break from technology to pursue creativity. She started a campaign called Step Away From the Screen and Make Something.

And, that’s what we did.


We had a family ornament painting party and it was a blast. We just sat around the table with wooden ornaments and brushes and paint and listed to Charlie Brown’s Christmas station on Pandora.

IMG_8412PicMonkey CollageIMG_8418

Sometimes, we get so busy with the holidays, that we forget to slow down. Let’s not do that this year.


Let’s laugh more. Relax more. Spend time with people that we love more.


And, let’s craft! I’m so excited that it’s December and I have some fun posts planned to share with you! Happy Christmas season!

Enjoying the Good Life,





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