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July 23, 2012

Painting a Summer Tote

As you may remember, I found this yellow tote (with the tags still on it!) during a recent Goodwill trip.

I’ve been wanting to add this little starfish from Disney’s blog to something, and this tote was perfect.

I printed out the template (you can find it on her blog), cut out the center, and taped it to my bag.

I chose Calypso Blue because it seems like a happy summer color. Right?

I put a little paint on a paper plate and then dipped my eraser in the paint and then on the bag. You will want to keep paint on the eraser because it looks better when the paint is thicker on the bag.

I let it dry for a bit before I removed the paper.

Swell, huh? I’m a big fan.

Have a happy Monday!

Enjoying the Good Life,