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May 05, 2017

Painting Furniture

Trends keep the world fresh. Whether your style is classic or modern, a trendy piece of furniture or clothing can really add that spice of life.

Painting furniture is easy. Painting furniture and making it look great, well only a few have managed that.

I’m sharing an amazing piece of furniture a friend painted last summer. The results are stunning!


I love crisp lines and perfect painting. When he sent this over I was over extremely impressed because he infused a trending style with a classic piece of furniture.

Of course, there are those that prefer the original,


and it is nice as well, but adding a great color such as charcoal gray along with a gold dipped effect, really elevated this piece.

I am such an advocate for transforming old pieces into something that is fresh and ready for the now.


Amazing pieces of furniture are always available at Goodwill. You may have to drop by a few locations, but if you find the right piece to transform with your favorite paint color, you will be so glad you did!

Have you painted any furniture lately?

What are your thoughts on painted furniture?

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