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March 30, 2012

Orange You Glad?: DIY Ruffle Embellishment

I bought these two orangey shirts at Goodwill. They’re sort of plain: boringville. I actually like plain tops, but I thought a little embellishment would be fun. (P.S. Does the word “orange” remind anyone else of Bill Cosby asking “what rhymes with orange?” No? Just me? Oh…)

I started by cutting a strip out of the lighter shirt. Here’s a plus: Did you know that jersey doesn’t fray? No need to hem. Holla.

I cut one of the ends so that I had one strand instead of a loop. Then, I made a little ruffle. To make a ruffle, set your sewing machine on the longest length and sew a straight line, leaving plenty of “thread tail” at the end. Pull one of the strings to make the ruffle (you can pull from either end).

I adjusted the ruffle to fit around the collar of the brighter shirt and pinned it in place.

Then, I just sewed it down! Don’t forget to re-set the stitch length on your machine. : )

I’m pretty sure that this is my favorite fashion project, yet! I love the color combo and the summery, girlish feel. Would you like to see more sewing projects on here? I know that not everyone knows how/likes to sew, but we could keep it simple. If you’re new to sewing, a ruffle is a great project to start with!

Enjoying the Good Life,