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April 28, 2018

One Basket | Ten Ideas

When I picked up this little basket, my thought immediately went to my front door! So many options for seasons!

Fill it with pumpkins!


Fill it with flowers for spring!

Fill it with pinecones for Christmas.


And I love a good multi-purpose find.

That’s one of my favorite things about thrifting! All that we can imagine with one small inexpensive item or something big and the potential that comes with it!

Then, when I got home more ideas came…this could hang on the wall for mail! It could go in a little girl’s play kitchen! There are so many options!


I decided to go with what would work best for us and I loved the idea of the front door.


It was a little small for our door so I will probably move it to the back door but I just loved the little pop of color here!

So with two coats of white spray paint, this little beauty was filled with some flowers and ready for spring!


Not bad for $2.99!