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July 19, 2017

It’s Not Summer Without a Trip to the Beach.

No summer would be complete without at least one trip to the beach.

While some people still approach the beach like a runway, my take on beachwear is that it should be functional, stylish, and replaceable. While there are key pieces you want to reuse, like your swimsuit, towels, and large bag, you shouldn’t feel guilty if it everything else is ruined by sand, suntan lotion or spilled drinks. Plus, this is the perfect time to test your prowess at looking great without spending a fortune.

Here are a few of my favorite tips:


#1. Bright, bold colors.

Even if vibrant, loud colors, prints and patterns are not something you wear every day, you should definitely give them a try on your next trip to the beach. Not only do they look great with a golden tan, but prints help camouflage stains and wet spots. Pulling off prints is quite easy; just remember the key is keeping everything proportional. If the pattern is too small and repetitive it makes you look larger and if it is too large it dwarfs you making you look short and dumpy.

#2. Accessorize.

While you often see celebrities frolicking in the surf decked out in lots of jewelry, that is taking the idea to the extreme. A single long necklace adds great texture and dimension. The vertical visual will make your torso look longer and leaner, but to be appropriate stick with natural stones or solid metal. While you may not want to wear a lot of accessories on the beach, they are the perfect way to transition your beachwear to casual wear.

#3. Sunglasses.

These are beach essentials. While it may be tempting to just grab your go-to pair of designer frames out of habit, inevitably on every beach trip someone’s sunglasses get scratched, stepped-on, or lost to the ocean. For these reasons, I recommend a pair of plastic frames that you’re not overly attached to and didn’t cost a significant amount of money. Even though the style is important, make sure they offer the right UV protection for hours of direct sun exposure. Protecting your eyes is more important.

#4. Flip-flops.

If there was ever a place where flip-flops are appropriate, it is at the beach. They slip on and off easily and are flat so you can walk in the sand without twisting your ankle. I recommend leather because they’re sure they survive the day in one piece. Always Keep a pair of wedges or loafers in the car for after beach activities.


There is nothing like spending a summer day at the beach. While planning and packing can be a pain, it’s all worth it once your toes are in the sand and you hear those crashing waves. We still have plenty of summer left, so start planning your next beach trip now.

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