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April 06, 2012

No-Sew Jersey Skirt

Today is a new, fun project involving a jersey dress and a pair of scissors (I am getting pretty brave about chopping up clothes). This is so simple, I can hardly call it a tutorial– but, this goes out to all my non-sewing friends!

I was looking in Goodwill and I saw this pink New York and Company dress. It’s pretty outdated, but I picked it up because it’s jersey and, since jersey doesn’t run, I knew what I wanted to do with it.

I started by cutting a straight line across the bottom, right above the slits.

Then, I cut it off right below the arm pits.

That’s. it.

I double folded the waist–just to give it a clean look.

This is a thick jersey and I would like to try it with a thinner jersey because I think it might lay differently. But, this is still a great, airy skirt to beat the summer heat. I would pair it with a white shirt, sandals, pink lipstick.

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