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September 25, 2013

No-Sew Fabric Pumpkin

Monday, I shared a Fall round-up and today, I have a super easy tutorial for a no-sew pumpkin! Gather some fabric, scissors, twine, and a cup of hot cocoa for good measure. : )

I grabbed some leftover plaid fabric from a pillow I made and some cream fabric from a friend’s Goodwill stack. You could use fabric, a pillowcase, or even a t-shirt from Goodwill.


Fold or cut your outer fabric into a square.


Roll up your “filler fabric” and place it in the center.


Now, just gather up the sides (tucking in the raw edges) and secure with twine. I tied the twine several times as I wrapped it, just to make sure that it would stay.



So easy! I love the way it adds some color and texture to my other pumpkins. And, if I want to change up the fabric, I could do it in a snap.


Enjoying the Good Life,


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