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April 09, 2012

No-Sew Bolster Pillows

My friend’s mom does a lot of sewing and, recently, decided to go through her fabric stash and donate what she didn’t need to Goodwill–and, I got first dibs. Hooray!

Have you ever looked at a fabric and realized that it was meant for a particular project? When I got home with this pink cotton, I knew it was meant to be a bolster pillow. And, not just any bolster pillow. A few years ago, my mom bought these bolster forms at a yard sale and they have been sitting on my craft shelf for far too long.

There are few tutorials on “no sew” bolster pillows online, so this is nothing new. But, it’s super easy and convenient to change out your fabric as often as your change your…mood.

It doesn’t look like it, but I gave it a quick ironing before I laid it out on my floor.

I cut two sections, large enough to cover each pillow. For me, cutting this in half was just enough. I actually could have used a teeny bit more, but it was enough to do the job.

I laid the bolster down on the “wrong side”, wrapped it up, and gathered each end into a rubber band.

“1994! Yeah, that tootsie roll. Let me see that tootsie roll…”

I removed the bolster pillow, flipped the cover right side out, and put the form back in. Make sure the sides overlap and fold under the outside flap for a polished look.

On a personal note, I’d like to ask you to pray for my grandmother this morning (and in the days/weeks/months to come). This is Ann Wilson, aka my Nanner. You can thank this woman for my love of over-sized costume jewelry, bright colors, and metallic ballet flats.

She’s having surgery today to have cancer removed from her appendix and her colon. We just found out about it, recently, and we covet your prayers for a safe surgery, recovery, and that they would be able to get it all. Thanks, blogging friends!

Enjoying the Good Life,