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February 16, 2016

No More Snack Attacks

In the name of thriftiness and the fact that it’s very cold outside, sometimes a night in is the absolute best choice that can be made. Nothing beats sprawling out on the couch for a movie or TV marathon wherein the goal is to move as little as possible… and that includes not having to get up for drink or snack refills.

If you live with curious and hungry beasts though, its hard to get a moment of peace with those curious noses wandering up to the coffee table, trying to nab a bite of your hummus or skim a sip of your drink with a quick dart of their cute tongues. I’d been in the market for a deep, almost drawer-like side table that my three dogs couldn’t easily get into while I was parked on the couch for a Netflix and chill kind of night.


As I looked over the leftover items from our recent kitchen renovation, one of the things I hadn’t yet hauled off was a deep drawer. Made of pine from the 50s, it’s taken quite a beating in the past 60 years, most of it from us. But the shape was great. And I envisioned it on cute retro legs, maybe hairpin… oh wait those are expensive. Ok, how about the turned wood legs? I’d found some on Amazon but still didn’t want to pay $4 for each table leg for a thrifty project but lo and behold, one day on a random trip walking around downtown I found this torn up table in the trash pile outside of an apartment building. I picked it up and walked it to my car, and went back to work, excited about my free find, and to wash my hands. This was going to be a total solution to my problems!


The legs weren’t too hard to get off, it just required prying with a hammer and some heavy duty unscrewing. The plates that held the legs to the table were a bit bent up and it took some creative construction to secure them to the new drawer bottom, and it will vary for every drawer/legs combination, should anyone else attempt this project themselves. Other than attaching the legs and shining the beat up wood, the only other thing I did was paint the legs a retro teal color that matches other decorative touches in the living room.


And now it’s ready for a nice night of Netflixing, chilling, and no dogs creeping on my snacks… all for the price of $2, which was how much I paid for the teal paint. For those who don’t have drawers lying about, ask at your local Goodwill, they may have drawers in the back that were separated from the dresser, and always keep an eye out for good legs on other items. Everything is removable and repositionable!

And if you’ll excuse me now, it’s time for hummus, a vodka soda, and an evening of catching up on the newest episodes of the X-Files.