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August 16, 2016

Neutral Luxe on a Budget

I’ll admit it. In my early days of shopping at Goodwill, the first thing I focused on was the price. I think most people do, because they expect the prices to be extremely low because it is a thrift store.

The more I visited Goodwill and other thrift stores and then visited retail stores, I began realize that shopping secondhand is about more than low prices. It’s sort of shopping at a boutique.

A boutique is a place where you should be able to find rare or curated specialty pieces. Whether it is vintage high-end handbags or a unique piece of furniture, most people shop boutiques because they want something that isn’t readily available anywhere else.

In my opinion, shopping at Goodwill is very similar to boutique shopping, just with a little less glitz and glamour.

Lately, I have been going into Goodwill and finding some really great quality pieces that I cannot find at West Elm or even Macy’s. These pieces are older and made with better construction than what is currently being manufactured. My tastes in design and my style of decorating for my clients is traditional– but with a contemporary edge.

This sofa is a great example:



This is a very nice, well-made sofa from High Point, NC. I would estimate that a piece of this high quality would cost between $1,500 – $2,000 in a retail store.


image from

One of my clients has great taste. She just bought a new home and she is in love with neutral luxe such as this space by Lori Morris. This beautiful space isn’t limited by budget, but my client is. So it is my task to find pieces to recreate a high-end look as well as I can, given her budgetary restrictions.

With this as one of her inspirational images, I sent her the photo of the sofa from Goodwill. She loved it!

When you’re looking for high-end items without the four-digit price tags, shopping secondhand can really help you create the luxe living space of your dreams.

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