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October 15, 2012

My New Tablecloth…

AKA: Covering up the hot-glue-gun-ruined table. : )

I was at Goodwill and I saw this cute white and brown sheet. Doesn’t it just embody fall?

I thought, “Hey, yeah, this will make a cute tablecloth!”. And, I set out to do so…

I laid the sheet across the table to get an idea of how long it would be.

To cut the the sheet evenly, I found the center at the top (secured with a straight pin) and measured down the sides with a fabric tape measure. Sort of like working with a compass.

I measured the same length, with a pen, all the way around.

Then, I cut across the pen marks.

After I finished cutting the sheet, I hemmed it with hem tape. That’s right–no sewing, friends. I realize that not everyone has a sewing machine or can sew, so I wanted to mix it up a little. Hem tape is a great option if you aren’t able to sew it on a machine/don’t feel like getting your machine out.

I initially bought this sheet to use as a fall tablecloth, but we really like it and it suits the style of our kitchen. I have a feeling that this will grace our table long after the leaves have left the trees.

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One Comment

  1. I’m loving this. I’ve been so into polka dots lately. I’m saving up for a polka dot shirt right now…

    p.s. love the hem tape!