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July 12, 2016

Musing on Down Shoe-zing

I am a creature of habit in many ways. I like to drive the same way to work every day because I know exactly what to expect at times when I don’t have the choice of leisurely showing up whenever I like. I’m the kind of person who, upon finding a style of exercise pants or underwear that I like, will buy several in different colors so that I can just have and enjoy the knowledge that I can use that fail-safe item over and over throughout the week.

But I still succumb to the desire for new things, different things because variety truly is the spice of life.


That’s why I have a closet filled with shoes that I have worn once or twice, or used to wear frequently, but no longer do.

In addition to being a creature of habit, I am also a creature of comfort. When going out on the town for the night, I rarely wear hot high heels anymore because I no longer feel that doing so will score me a free drink (honesty moment). It’s more about how the shoes I choose will help me have a longer, more enjoyable evening, and wincing in pain from a heel height I am not used to won’t do that for me. At this point in my life, high-but-not-too-high heels are only worn in situations that require a height advantage to help me intimidate men.

Cute sandals with one irritating feature are also non-starters to me these days. If the strap rubs across the tops of my toes in a way that leaves a blister that’ll last days beyond the wearing of the sandals, nope. I used to have a tiny spool of duct tape in my purse to fix shoe problems like that. Now, I don’t feel like playing cobbler to fix new shoes that don’t fit perfectly but were on sale at Target!

Like many women who go through the cycle of enjoying cheap, fast fashion, I’m finally unraveling myself from it. The items I want now are quality items that cost a little more upfront, and that I spend more time trying on to determine where and how they’ll fit into my life – and if they are worthy of buying in multiple colors.


But those shoes that aren’t doing it for me might do it for someone else. Maybe their feet are just a tad smaller and the straps won’t rub their toes until a blister forms. Maybe they like wearing heels for more than being able to stare down at someone from a few inches above and will get something from those purple suede pumps that I can’t.

That’s why I’ve been carefully thinking about each pair of shoes that I own to determine if they are shoes from my past or shoes for my future, season by season (because I can’t possibly be impartial about knee-high boots when the mercury is licking 100 on the thermometer).


The rest of the summer shoes once dropped off at Goodwill, will hopefully be shoes for someone else’s future. And bonus for me, more breathing room for my shoes that do make the cut…and maybe room for another pair or two later!

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