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August 22, 2011

Mirror, Mirror…

I’ve had my eyes open for a mirror lately and I finally found one for $5.00 the other day. Score! Here it is before. Notice the cute floral motif. Just kidding–it’s not cute, at all.


I’m sure you can guess what I did–a little primer and a little paint go a long way. I taped off the inside edges with painters tape and I also covered the glass part. A little spray paint still got on the mirror, but it was easily removed with a glass scraper. No biggie.


It looks so much better, right? I love the way it turned out. However, I’ve decided that on this blog, I’m going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. After all, that’s life–right? The pictures you see on this blog have been edited and staged in my home to look their best. Let me give you a little “behind the scenes” on this mirror. To start, I couldn’t find anything to cover the glass with when I painted, so I used a Zaxby’s bag and some napkins (please, feel free to laugh). While it was drying outside, a bird became confused and thought my mirror was the loo, so I had to clean that up and then, our sprinkler was cut on and obviously reaches further than I realized. It completely soaked the mirror. The backing on the mirror is cardboard, and apparently the inside is too, so you can use your imagination to picture what kind of condition I found it in. I’m just telling you this to show you that not everything is perfect in DIY and crafting. Sometimes it goes completely as planned and sometimes…well, sometimes it just doesn’t. That is the beauty of trial and error and bumps in the road can make life interesting.

Have you had any crafting blunders, lately? Do share, so we can laugh together.

Enjoying the Good Life (even when my project gets soaked),