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February 06, 2013

Mini Skirt –> Baby Pants

First, let me start off by saying that nobody should be wearing a skirt this tight and this short. You should never be able to make a pair of pants out of a grown person’s skirt. lol. Moving on…

Remember when I made the Sweater Baby Pants? Well, then I saw this tutorial on Small Fry Blog and I was like…this is happening. And, so it is.

I laid a pair of baby pants on top of the skirt and cut around the outline, leaving just a bit for sewing (perhaps a 1/4″). You are going to utilize the existing waistband and hem, so you only need to cut the outer and inner edges of the pant legs. (If the pants are too long, they can just be slouchy or you can cuff them. Cuff pants= all kinds of baby cuteness.)

Pin your pant pieces right sides together and sew it up. That’s it! I totally see why Small Fry calls these the 5 minute pants. Once you get it down, it’s so fast.

How cute are these?

Enjoying the Good Life,