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May 11, 2018

Memo Board to Thrifty Jewelry Organizer

Does anyone else have “Goodwill” routes? And by that, I mean a route you take that passes by multiple Goodwill stores…I definitely do, and I just happened to be on my north-side-of-town-Goodwill-route when I popped in and found this outdated memo board. I just love wooden treasures like this because they’re easy and fun to transform!

For this particular piece, I decided to give it a full makeover to be reused as a jewelry organizer. Want to see how I made that happen?

First, I removed the extra hardware and plastic stick-on sign at the top. I filled in the bolt holes with plastic wood filler, and then gave the entire piece a good sanding to remove some of the finish and smooth down the wood filler. Then, I set up my spray paint station and grabbed a can of lilac purple paint!

Once the paint dried, I lightly sanded over the paint because I just can’t get enough of that vintage / slightly distressed look. Next, I drilled in three large cup hooks on the right side- these will be perfect for holding necklaces.

After that, I glued on a small acrylic mirror on the top! I chose acrylic because I didn’t want to use a heavy glass mirror which could potentially fall and break.

And that was it! I have hooks for necklaces, I can hang my bracelets on the bars…tuck pins or small jewelry boxes in the little cubby pockets, and dangle my bangles on the bottom row of pegs. A fresh makeover that became a wonderfully useful jewelry organizer- perfect for a teen’s room, a dorm, or any small area (like an apartment) where storage space is limited.

Talk about putting the “fun” in functional on a thrifty budget!