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May 25, 2016

Made in the Shade (and Sun)- Thrifty Hanging Herb Garden

Years of thrifting and repurposing have taught me a few things- and one of those is that secondhand shops will ALWAYS have outdated lampshades available. And in every size, shape, and color imaginable. So, with Spring gardening on my mind, I headed to my local Goodwill with a project idea that I just had to try.

Sure enough, I spied with my little eye these maroon-colored lampshades that instantly made me think of fez hats! They were wrapped in tassel-like material and starting to come undone- but their shape was ideal for what I had in mind!



To turn my idea into reality, I needed to strip down each shade to its bones- which took no time at all, because, like I said, they were literally coming undone in the store!


And after disrobing the lampshade, I simply bent down and flattened out the internal hardware- there, now my little lampshade now looked like a little basket or cage!


A cage is exactly what I needed for this project! Since I planned on pairing my lampshade cage-baskets with some lightweight gold chain for this project, I spray painted my lampshade cages to match.


Using inexpensive gold-tone jewelry wire, I carefully connected pieces of my chain to each lampshade cage…and then connected all three together, creating a seriously awesome set of hanging baskets! See where I’m going here yet?


And you know what fit perfectly inside each lampshade cage? A potted herb plant!


How cool is that? I have it hanging on our front porch for the time being, but I’m already thinking about making a second one to hang out back- to hold totally different herbs! I have parsley, thyme, and oregano for now…but with the farmer’s market season starting back up now, I’ll be able to pick up a few more herbs for sure. And obviously there are always plenty of lampshade options at Goodwill!

Hard to believe they were those weird little lampshades, eh? Thrifty, nifty, and easy to do.

Craft on!


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