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June 07, 2017

Low-cost Summer Tablescape

There is nothing more exciting to me than infusing my Goodwill finds alongside my other notable items. I buy plates and stemware from Goodwill every time I see something I like. With unbeatable prices, my stock of entertainment decor is always growing and diversifying. The only cause for alarm is storage for such amazing pieces.


My motto when buying plates at Goodwill is,

“You can never have too many plates!”

Let’s take a look at a table setting in progress for an upcoming dinner party and see if you can spot the Goodwill finds.


Although I do purchase other items from retail stores, I love mixing in my unique Goodwill pieces to provide a custom look for my dinner guests. Vintage pieces (and sometimes current pieces), can help make your table look fresh and void of the typical table setting decor.  That’s why I also tell readers to always be on the lookout for dining pieces, especially if you like to entertain. You can switch up your styling without spending a lot of money. Speaking of money, let me breakdown the cost of this early summer table.


All of the glassware was purchased at separate times, but each cost around 49 to 99 cents each. The silver flatware was purchased on a random trip to Goodwill. They were all scattered, but I could tell they had just recently been brought out, so I took the time to find as many pieces as I could. I think each piece was 29 cents each. So that totals less than $2 for a complete set. That’s way less than Dollar Tree!


The clear glass plates were 49 cents and I bought them on a whim and never thought to use them, until now. I never throw away pieces even if I have had them for a long time. Sometimes you find special pieces before the special moment.


The clear plate chargers were not a Goodwill find. However, I do believe if I keep scouring the shelves I can certainly find something similar.

Summer is peeking right around the corner and it is the perfect time to gather friends for a late dinner at your house or your apartment. You can skip all of the fancy expensive stores when it comes time to pick out your china and flatware because Goodwill can be the perfect place to stock up and save money.

It doesn’t matter if you need black plates or blue plates. Perhaps you have a knack for a bit of brass in your table scape. Whatever your style, you can most likely find something at Goodwill to help set your table.

You know what the best part is? You won’t have to spend a lot of money!

What are your latest entertaining finds at Goodwill?

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