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September 19, 2011

Lovely Little Side Table…

I was browsing through Goodwill the other day and this side table caught my eye. Doesn’t it remind you of the coffee table in my first post?

People were walking all around it and no one seemed to pay it any attention. Am I the only one who thinks this table is fabulous? Obviously, since the above picture is in my backyard, I gladly paid the ten dollars for it (hip hip hooray) and brought it home to live with it’s cousin, the coffee table.

I gave it a little wipe down and then sprayed a coat of primer. Sometimes, I get really excited about a project and forget to wipe it down, which is almost always regrettable. Word to the wise= take the time to dampen a paper towel and dust off your furniture prior to painting.

I decided to paint it white, so I gave it a little spritz with a spray can. You guys know this drill by now. It’s like “lather, wash, repeat.” Speaking of…does anyone really do that? Wash your hair twice? I know that’s a rabbit trail, but you know, my mind does that.

This is the coffee table I had before.

Nothing wrong with it–I actually really like it. But, I think the new one better suits my den.

What do you think? Do you like the new table better? P.S.–don’t judge the stacks of magazines. I have something in mind for them that I plan to show you next week. : )

Enjoying the Good Life,