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May 24, 2013

London Times Giveaway



Do you remember when I posted this dress?
It’s been hanging in my closet, but now it’s wedding season and time to break out your favorite dress. The best part? I want to give this dress to one lucky winner!

This dress is a size 6. Not your size? Make a friend’s day by winning this dress for her!

To enter:
Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite thing that you’ve ever seen/done at a wedding!

(The giveaway will run through next Thursday.)

Enjoying the Good Life,



  1. I coordinate weddings so I’ve seen some pretty neat and some pretty crazy things. My all time favorite was this past April. The bride has lost both her parents within 6 month of each other. The wedding was beyond emotional as the parents are dearly loved by many in our community. The bride and groom invited the guest to come to the front and pray for them as a couple. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Looking at the pictures, the people spilling into the isles looks like a big cross. So cool!

  2. Beautiful dress, I just went to a very small wedding recently. The bride and groom had everyone (35 or so guests) stand in a circle holding hands around them while they said their vows. They said since it was only family and very close friends that everyone was an integral part of their relationship and they wanted them to be a part of the ceremony. It was very sweet.

  3. Love the dress! My favorite wedding memory was of my own wedding. Hubby and I are from the midwest, but we lived in New Hampshire when we married. We had lobster rolls for the reception, and authentic strawberry shortcakes for our wedding “cake”.

  4. So many fun wedding memories come to mind! But recently… I was at a wedding reception and we formed a tunnel, clapping and cheering for people to dance through. Well, let’s just say a particularly wild, 50+ woman jumped on the back of my 21 year old male cousin and rode him through the tunnel. And no, it wasn’t one of his crazy aunts. Just a crazy wedding-goer! Haha.

  5. The last wedding I went to was an outdoor wedding and just when they started playing the wedding march a bald eagle flew over twice!