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December 12, 2011

Design on a Budget: Living room Facelift

Do you find yourself prepping your house for company when the holidays draw near? It seems like, right before company comes, we start wishing that Extreme Makeover would come in and spruce up our living quarters. I believe that you can give your home a facelift on a very small budget (after all, it’s Christmas–not the time to be spending on ourselves). Let’s start with the living room since it is, after all, the most “lived in” room. I found all of these items at Goodwill in one day.

First, the walls. Goodwill had 3 of these matted mushroom prints for about 3 dollars a piece. I would remove the picture of the mushroom and replace it with a piece of scrapbook paper as seen on Young House Love. Adding color to your walls will make a big difference.

These lamps were also about 3 dollars each. They have a wonderful base and if I could have used them, I would have snatched them right up because that is a steal! I would refresh the gold or spray them silver.

This little bowl was half off (around 2 dollars) and it would be a wonderful accent piece on a side table or a coffee table.

And, because you know I love a good magazine rack, I picked up this beauty for one dollar and change.

There you have it! For a 20 dollar bill, you can spruce up your living room and still get change back! Please tell me that you are loving this as much as I am.

I had someone ask me how I painted the art in my living room. I bought my canvas at a craft store (likely with a coupon, because that’s how I roll). I already had some acrylic paint on my craft shelf and I picked up a few more when I bought the canvas. I used a 3/4″ brush and made small downward strokes, using one color at a time. I did it over a few sessions, but it was very easy and I absolutely love it!

Have a happy Monday!

Enjoying the Good Life,


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