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August 10, 2017

Lindsay’s Latest Thrift Haul

Who doesn’t enjoy finding an amazing clearance sale? Yesterday’s 50% off sale at Goodwill is my little slice of thrift heaven!  Who would not love snagging a designer dress for an upcoming event for $3.25? Or a new blouse for the office for a little over $2? If you’re really lucky, perhaps an entire outfit for the upcoming school year for $4.50?  I wanted to share with you a few of the items that I picked up on my latest trip to Goodwill…

Escapada Shift Dress (Approximate Retail $95 paid $3.25)

Free People Dress (Approximate Retail $259 – I paid $3.25)

Alice & Olivia Blouse (Approximate Retail $ 95 – I paid $2.15)

Old Navy Blouse (Approximate Retail $20 -I paid $2.15)

Lily Pulitzer Dress (Approximate Retail $250 – I paid $3.25)

Black RBL Dress (Approximate Retail $79 -I paid $3.25)

Boy’s Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt (Approximate Retail $39 – I paid $1.25)

If I had paid full retail I would have spent approximately $837 – instead I paid $18.55!

Some advice when shopping at your local Goodwill:


Think outside of the box and choose the items that could benefit you and your family year-round instead of the immediate.


Do not limit yourself to one season or look.  If the item is in excellent condition and could be used 6 months from now it would benefit you to go ahead and purchase the item.


I also recommend not only searching for great year-around staple items but also splurging on those extra items such as accessories, scarfs, etc. that would give your outfits a little more of a polished and fun look!


I would love to see all the treasures you’ve found at Goodwill so please tag us in your pics and posts!

Happy thrifting!  – Lindsay (The Thrifty Southern Belle)