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April 12, 2016

Light Scarves & Deep Thoughts

When you think of scarves, what comes to mind? Is it a thick, crocheted one that is designed to wrap around one’s neck several times to keep the chill off of an exposed, susceptible part of the body?

Or do the gauzier ones, meant to be more of a fashion accessory and pop of color for an outfit come to mind?

lennykOr a massive neck blanket like Lenny’s rocking here?

I am not a fan of cold weather fashion at all. I have very few thick, yarn-based ones and tend to favor the thinner styles. They provide some level of warmth and can still be worn inside all day to be fashionable. But I have a problem with the shape of some of those scarves.

Maybe it’s just me. But when I see a traditional scarf that’s long and often has fringe on the end, my mind goes back and associates it with kids wound up tightly in their winter scarves. For a purely form over function type scarf, I am a fan of the infinity scarf. It’s easier to put on, requiring merely one twist, and looks much more casual yet put together.

Problem is, there are a ton of cute scarves made of lighter fabric, but few of these are infinity scarves. But there’s no simple solution to fix that. Or so I thought.


What to do?

There’s more than one way to turn a scarf from a long strip of fabric into a circle of one. My brain immediately wanted to pull out the sewing machine and permanently bind the ends together. But for the less decisive among us, there are better ways! Gimme Some Oven demonstrated how  to tie the fringes or the ends together to just… poof, magically make a circle. Their tutorial is right here.

FullSizeRender (5)

And then just like that, this whole process can be undone for when your scarf model is feeling artsy and wants to let the ends of her scarf just hang down.

That’s the problem with overthinking, sometimes the simplest solutions are overlooked just for the sake of trying to come up with new things all of the time for the sake of doing it.

Both in thrifting and in life, remember that what we’re doing here in our reusable adventures is to extend the usefulness of an item, which doesn’t always mean permanent changes.