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November 14, 2018

Let it Go

Let’s just dive in.

I’m going through a divorce. I’ve been dealing with it for almost a year, and I could write a whole post (actually, several) about my rollercoaster of emotions. But this blog is about being thrifty.

My parents generously offered for my sons and me to move in with them. They’re not asking for a “red cent” in return. (They love that term. It confused me as a child, though, because I thought there was some mystical, red coin out there somewhere.)

We’ve been coming up with solutions on what I could do with my furniture. My parents offered their garage as a storage space, but I told them it wouldn’t be necessary. I had no ties to anything. Well, almost anything. Sometimes we hold onto possessions longer than we should because of the emotions attached to those items. The table I refinished over and over that I used as a sewing table, baking table and plant holder? Don’t need it. I can always get another table. The dresser I found at an amazing price at Goodwill? It will look great in someone else’s room.

As I was packing the last of my things, I saw my neighbor and asked him if he would like a TV. (My sons were recently given one, leaving my parents with an extra, so I didn’t see the need in keeping mine). He was more than happy to take it, as he told me his mother was just asking for one. Bam, pay it forward.

There was so much joy in using my kitchen/craft table to make a happy mess. When the time comes, it will be done again with another table, and I’ll be just as happy.

Love this display I made, but it wasn’t necessary to keep. Another one can always be created.

It’s amazing that in situations like these you learn what’s truly important to you. This last year has been nothing but a lesson in learning to let go of things – mainly how I saw my life as a family of four. Now my only concern is doing all I can to make sure my boys are happy.

I didn’t go completely crazy and get rid of everything. I did keep some things that make me truly happy and will keep me mentally sane.

Here’s what I kept.

Plants. They’re like my babies and throughout this year have been healing for me. Watching something thrive every day on very little (just light and water) has been motivating.

Crafting and baking supplies. Whether in the kitchen, at my sewing machine or using a pair of knitting needles, I love to create. The process is meditative and healing. Something about finishing a project (successfully or not) is very satisfying.

I want to hear from you. When it comes down to possessions and what you hold close, what truly matters to you?