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January 23, 2013

Kitchen Renovation: Part 3

All the cabinets have been removed, light fixtures have been removed, the ceiling has been scraped, an outlet has been added, and holes in the wall have been patched and sanded. Also, that is a whole lot MORE than it sounds like when you just write it out. This is two days worth of work. Two solid, hard-working days. I’m proud of my man.

Next up? More sanding of the walls and ceiling and painting the walls, doors, ceiling, and trim/baseboards. I’m on the paint crew. Then, we have the cabinet installation, floor installation, etc., etc., too much to name right now.

Last night ended in doughnuts and Frasier, again (of course).

Guys…this kitchen is happening! No turning back. I mean, unless we just want to eat sandwiches and grab a water out of the fridge in the dining room forever. No thanks, pressing on! Send your mental high-fives this way.

Enjoying the Good Life,