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February 19, 2014

Keep it Clean

Did anyone make a resolution to stay on top of house cleaning? When you’re busy, it’s hard, but I’ve found that keeping even a loose schedule definitely helps. I found this schedule online and printed it out. I plan to put it on my fridge so it can be easily seen. I love that it’s so practical and basic.

scheduleClean living and using “green” products is also very important to me. There are a few clean products on the market, but it’s less expensive to make your own. Here is a great quick sheet to use as a reference.


I used to use a lot of cleaning wipes because it is so easy to throw a container under your counter, use a wipe to clean your counters and appliances, and toss it. But, they’re also full of chemicals that aren’t so good for you. I was excited when I found this diy recipe by Apartment Therapy!


Are you ready to put these into practice? Do you have any good cleaning tips? I’d really love to hear them! All three can be found on my DIY Pinterest Page.

Enjoying the Good Life,