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June 25, 2012

Just a little kitchen update…

This was my kitchen window before…

The bare window has been grinding on my nerves for quite a while. I keep scanning the internet, looking for the perfect fabric to make curtains out of. Finally, I decided that enough is enough and I took a little trip to my fabric stash.

Remember the stack of fabric that I got from a friend’s mom? Seriously, how many times have I used this fabric? So thankful for it!

I chose the white. It has a subtle little pattern in it. When I was looking online, I was searching for something with colorful pattern, but I like the clean look of white.

I also added an aloe plant in my fav little pot and a piece of slate that I found at Goodwill. I love the idea of using chalk to write little messages on it.

I’m so happy with my little sprucing! Best part? It was free. I already had the fabric, the pot, I didn’t have to pay for the plant, and the slate has been sitting in my garage, trying to figure out its purpose in life. Bam. That’s the best kind of update…

Enjoying the Good Life,


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