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January 23, 2012

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…

Oh, my gosh–that’s so cheesy. You guys have to tell me that it’s dorky to have titles like that. Or, don’t. Just let me do it.

I found these candlesticks at Goodwill. Holla! I find brass candlesticks there, a lot (which I love), but these were wood, so they particularly caught my eye.

I think they’re really pretty as they are, but you know, paint is what I like to do. So…

I like.


The first picture (outside) is more true to color than the ones on my dining room table. Inside lighting can be so weird, sometimes.

I like the gray, but I’m thinking that they would look good if they were a mint/sea green. That’s the beauty of paint. A few minutes and you can completely transform something. What do you think? Gray? Green? I always like to hear your thoughts…

Enjoying the Good Life,