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December 14, 2017

It’s…it’s a lamp! What a great lamp!

“It’s…it’s a lamp! What a great lamp!”

  • The Old Man, A Christmas Story

Though this month’s foray into the furnishings and knickknacks did not yield a “major award” of a fishnet-clad leg lamp, it did provide me with two more conventional (one might even say old-fashioned) lantern-style candle holders. (Total cost: $7.00). Of course, the first idea was to make them into lamps, but that seemed far too simple a course of action. Luckily, I had one “eureka moment” that actually led to a second. Before we get there, though, here is that with which we started.

While my own aesthetic falls somewhere well within the Charles Addams/Edward Gorey realm, I doubted my lovely bride would share my enthusiasm for dusty, cobweb-covered candle lamps. With that in mind, both were given a good scrubbing, and taken apart for inspection.

Everything seemed structurally sound, including the two class chimney sleeves inside. At first, I put them aside, thinking they might make good cookie-cutters or projectiles for throwing at rowdy neighbor children, and worked on transforming one of the lamps into a hanging planter. Our house is surrounded by ivy, so finding greenery was no problem.

*I freely admit that, though I have many skills and abilities, floral arrangement is not one of them. I’m sure your ivy will look much better.

Now, what to do with the other lamp? I could have gone with two hanging plant holders, but the remaining lamp started to strike me as something reminiscent of an old-fashioned candy jar in a Victorian sweet shop. A bag of Hershey’s Christmas-colored Kisses filled the bill, along with a $2.00 string of 15 LED lights. One of our bookshelves is now aglow with chocolate and Christmas cheer, all contained in a refashioned candle holder that now looks a bit like something out of Dickens. Fa-la-la-la-la…

*My talent at stringing lights inside small containers is roughly on par with my ivy arranging, but I have fun.