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January 25, 2018

It Pays to Work Smarter Not Harder

Most of you probably don’t know, but I work for a magazine and travel the country routinely. When traveling for work, I always have to be personable and adapt depending on my clients.  I feel the easiest way to achieve that immediate camaraderie in a professional environment is with my wardrobe.  I realized early on that appearance is the first thing people identify with before they are able to make a personal connection and get to know you.  That said, I’m always on the hunt to find amazing thrifted treasures.

I often get asked “How do you select what you are going to wear?” or “How are you able to put ensembles together in the way that you do?” I always reply with this – “It’s easy! When I travel for work I carry a magazine to read on my down time that relates to current trends and eclectic designers.  I then carefully pick and choose the items, colors, styles that I love from those high-end couture looks and challenge myself to duplicate those looks with items from my local Goodwill store for the least amount possible.”  My checkbook appreciates that I work smarter and not harder! I am here to confirm there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting those high-end designers inspire your sense of personal style for a fraction of the cost!

On my latest trip; I had a particular outfit that I had seen in a magazine and wanted to duplicate it.  To me that outfit was the perfect balance of trendy chic, business casual, and of course it had the comfort factor we all strive for! It was made up of a tweed blazer and white skinny jeans.

That sounds simple, but through my experience, finding the perfect cut for those staple items to pull off the chic look is sometimes a challenge. I then began strolling the jean aisle and I was able to locate the perfect pair of petite, white skinny jeans (for those of you who don’t know me – pants are always a struggle for me, because I am only five feet tall.) With that item checked off the list, I was already feeling productive and began to look through the jacket aisle.  I had plundered through most of the rack and saw the sleeve of a pink tweed jacket barely poking through several other nearby jackets.  I was drawn to the tweed, because it had the perfect pairing of colors.  I then noticed a button that donned two interlocking “Cs”.

I internally had a moment of disbelief.

No Way! It couldn’t be what I thought.  I rushed to look at the tag and saw the black and white label containing the letters “C… H….A…. N…E…L!!”

I know my face lit up the entire store as is it beamed over the rack.  I am actually surprised I didn’t begin to dance up and down the aisle, but I maintained my composure as I began looking the jacket over with complete skepticism.

I then researched that exact jacket on my phone and confirmed it was an authentic Chanel blazer.  That’s right ladies – I was in possession of an authentic pink Chanel Blazer and it was perfect in every single way.  The beautiful monogramed buttons were all intact, the thin metal chain was perfectly outlining the pink satin lining, and the tweed was not stained or snagged.  What I had in my hands was a $4,200 pink blazer of pure designer heaven.

I believe the fashion fairies were definitely in my corner that day!  I’m sure you are reading this with disbelief and sometimes I still pinch myself to confirm it indeed ended up in my closet. Needless to say, it will be packed in my suitcase for my trip next week!

Now that you are sharing in my excitement about my biggest fashion treasure to date – I am sure you are probably wondering what I paid, so without any further ado I paid $5.75 for the blazer and $4.75 for the amazing white skinny jeans for a grand total of $10.50.

I have chosen to pair them with nude stiletto heels that I already owned and large pearl earrings that were my Grandmother’s.  I have to say that outfit is probably an outfit that replicates my personality the best and I cannot wait to wear it!

Fashion treasure homework:  I would like to challenge and encourage each of you to select one outfit from your favorite retail catalog, fashion publication, or Pinterest and visit your local Goodwill this week.  You will not be disappointed – I promise! EXTRA

**BONUS for you:

This Saturday you can take advantage of the extra 50% off sale! As always, I would love to know what treasures you are finding so please tag me!

xo, Lindsay-Alison (The Thrifty Southern Belle)