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May 23, 2019

Ice Ice Doughnuts

Unitaskers in the kitchen are frowned upon by people like Alton Brown or professional organizers, but even the most single-use seeming of items can be used in multiple ways to make it a valuable part of your kitchen arsenal.

Of course, this all rests on you, the kitchen tool user, to make it valuable but I like to help people think of new ways to use the same things — like this mini doughnut pan that I convinced you all to buy next time you came across one in Goodwill.

First, we made awesome iced holiday mini doughnuts, then we went savory and made cheese straws in circle form for two great ways to use this little pan. But still, how often do we make baked goods for ourselves, even when we deserve them? For most of us, the answer is never, and especially with summer heating up, the desire to turn on the oven is very small. So instead of baking anything in the mini doughnut pan, we’re taking a 180 and chilling out with it.

The cavities in doughnut pans are much like the cavities in an ice tray, so why not just use the doughnut pan as an ice tray? But we aren’t making just any ice today, we’re taking the barista’s trick and making coffee ice to put into our iced coffee for everlasting coffee flavor that doesn’t get watered down as the ice melts. It just becomes more, colder coffee.

Take your clean mini doughnut pan and set it on a level surface. Brew a slightly stronger cup of coffee than you would for drinking, and carefully pour it into each O shaped cavity. With even more care, slowly place it on a level shelf in the freezer for 8 hours minimum until the Os are frozen. Slightly twist and bend the pan to release the coffee ice and use as needed in your morning cup of iced coffee, however you like to make it!

With a little imagination and desire to make sure you use certain kitchen tools, you can also be creative enough to turn a seemingly one trick pony into a workhorse for your cooking adventures. Look for a mini doughnut pan on your next Goodwill adventures and see where your new kitchen item takes you.

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