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February 10, 2017

I Heart Goodwill

When it comes to Goodwill shopping, there are certain things I always keep my eyes peeled for…and one of those things is Cane! More specifically, pressed cane webbing…usually found in older furniture, like chairs, tables, and magazine racks. But I recently struck DIY-Thrifting gold when I found four pressed cane webbing “mats” (probably replacement inserts for chairs) on the Goodwill shelves.


Why do I love pressed cane so much? For DIY Oversized cross-stitch projects! Truth be told, I’ve never really done much traditional cross stitch (the dainty kind) before…but I can’t get enough of the jumbo versions. It’s super easy to do and the projects go quickly. So, with Valentine’s Day on my mind, I decided to get my lovey-dovey on and make some cross-stitch heart décor for my home.

First, I spray painted two of the pieces of cane webbing- one in white, one in pink- to go with my V-Day theme. Then, I gathered some thick, chunky yarn in Valentine’s colors…I already had some on hand from a previous project, but any craft store will fulfill your yarn needs.


With some graph paper (just like the kind we used in school), I sketched out my cane mat and a heart shape on the grid. Then, I cut a long strand of yarn, wrapped one end with a small piece of masking tape (think of the thing at the end of a shoelace), and cross-stitched the outline of a heart!


I decided to alternate colors of yarn, and filled in the rest. Once you have your design sketched out, it really comes together really quickly! Like, ‘two episodes on Netflix’ quickly.


Now I can use it however I’d like…maybe hang it like a wreath…or just use it vignette-style around the house.


Either way, oversized / jumbo cross stitch is a great way to dip your toes in the needlework pool- it’s a lot less work (and less frustrating) than the dainty kind, and you’ll finish your project in no time. A little paint and some colorful yarn can really transform that outdated cane, can’t it?

Craft on!


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