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August 24, 2017

How to Thrift for Your Last Minute Summer Travels…

If you are anything like me, you thrive off of enjoying life’s greatest moments with friends and family. You would also probably agree some of life’s best moments are created on summer vacations.

 I just returned from a last minute getaway to New York City with several of my closest friends.

We had a wonderful time reconnecting and touring the city. And let’s not forget the NY bagels…

This trip was booked as a milestone birthday celebration.  When I received the call that the flights and rooms had been booked my initial thought was “What is this southern belle going to wear in New York!?”  It is moments like this that I enjoy being thrifty, because I always have something on stand-by!

I immediately went home and searched in my wardrobe for outfits that could fit into the birthday girl’s surprise itinerary.  Here are a few pictures from my trip and some ensembles I packed in my carry on suitcase…

Outfit 1 –

Floral off the shoulder wrap dress ($6.50) Earrings ($2.50) Bangle bracelets ($2)

(Outfit total = $11)

Outfit 2 –

White poplin dress ($6.50) Wedges ($6.50) Bangle Bracelets ($2) (Total $15)

*I paired this dress with two of my new favorites from a local Greenville designer (Laura Cox): her oyster shell necklace and her fabulous earrings! It’s always fun to dress up thrifted staples with designer accessories!

Outfit 3 –

Orange Victoria Beckham asymmetrical dress ($7.50)  Earrings ($2.50) Necklace ($4) Bracelet ($4) (Total $18)

*This dress was sold out in the stores and online for months so I was extremely excited to find it at Goodwill!

Outfit 4 –

Racer-back cocktail dress ($6.50) Earrings ($2.50) (Total $9)


I also had the pleasure of stopping into the New York University Goodwill for a quick look around.


I was able to snag to this perfect BarIII shift dress.  I paired it with my Laura Cox earrings and bangles for a very polished look.


A few pieces of advice when traveling…


Choose jewelry that can be neatly packed in a cloth bag(s) that can complement most of your outfits.  This also helps with going through TSA at the airport.



Choose dresses over pant outfits when possible to help out with space in your carry on/ suitcase.


Choose pieces that will travel well and not require a lot of ironing. No one wants to sit in a hotel room ironing when you can be out exploring and creating memories with friends and family.


Select several pairs of basic shoes that can complement several of your wardrobe selection to assist with having space.


Also, my personal tip is to take a moment to locate a local Goodwill on your summer adventures to explore the various items that are brought in from new areas.  I promise I never leave disappointed and it is a great way to collect neat pieces for your wardrobe without spending a fortune!

As always, I look forward to seeing what “fashion treasures” you find so please tag me/ us in your posts!

Happy thrifting and safe summer travels! – Lindsay (The Thrifty Southern Belle)