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May 04, 2016

How To Carry Less Gym Stuff To Work

Modern life involves a lot more hauling of things than you’d think it would.

If you contemplate on it longer than you should, which I have done and we’re about to do some more of, humanity should have evolved out of having to carry so many things to function on a daily basis.

Think about your typical 8-5 worker who also likes to stay active by working out during lunch or right before or after work, and save money by taking their lunch to work. For a lady who carries a purse, that’s three separate bags we’re hefting around – purse, workout clothes, lunch bag – aka way too much. What I am going to suggest only helps a little, but when you’ve got that much to take with you, every little bit counts.goodwill-tank-tops

Finding the right gym wear that can go from working to working out is a step to lightening that load. While there are now yoga pants that (claim to) look appropriate for the office, let’s explore much less expensive options.

Choose your sports bra wisely and it can look like a tank top layer. Good choices include avoiding prints and colors that scream “This is athletic wear!” such as neons or sporty prints. Over that, a cotton or wicking tank top that follows the same guidelines can go right underneath a blazer or cardigan, depending on the level of professional dress expected at your office. In this move, you’ve saved yourself from carrying two extra pieces of clothing and only having to change your bottoms and shoes when it’s time to get ripped.

When it comes to looking for athletic wear at Goodwill, there are always tons of cotton tank tops to choose from. Just because it doesn’t come from the sports section of a store doesn’t mean it can’t be used for working out. Look for ones that are made of cotton or even wicking material that have texture or lace embellishments that won’t impede your workout.

Athletic pants and shorts are also easy to come by because let’s face it, a lot of times people just quit working out and can’t bear to look at the clothes they rarely used. Or on a good note, people are exercising a lot and going down sizes quickly, leaving them no need for previous sizes.

As for the purses and the lunch boxes, I haven’t quite found a solution to that yet in the aisles of Goodwill, but a piece of rolling luggage was starting to look quite tempting.


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