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May 17, 2017

How to Avoid Looking Like a Hot Mess at an Outdoor Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing. In fact, I’m attending one this coming weekend in Fort Myers, Florida. If you’ve ever attended an outdoor wedding during the summer, whether it’s in Florida or South Carolina, then you know how hot, humid, and stifling they can be.

That said, you can dress the part and still ensure you enjoy the beautiful display of love and affection, instead of focusing on the beads of sweat rolling down your face and back.

Here are a few tips that may help:

  1. Keep your colors light and neutral. We know light colors reflect heat, but they also show sweat less noticeably than darker colors. Plus, guests should never compete with the bride for attention. So instead of a jewel tone dress, opt for a neutral color and let your accessories provide the contrast.




  1. Your clothes should breathe. Choosing the right fabric is crucial when you’re outdoors during the summer, especially if you need to present a level of decorum for an extended period. So instead of blended or synthetic fabrics, choose a natural one instead. Linen, seersucker, cotton and even wool are going to be your best bets. Natural fibers they are porous, which allows air to penetrate and keep you cool. And they dry faster than synthetic materials


  1. Forego the foundation pieces. We all want to look our best at events, but if you have to choose between foundation pieces and comfort, this is one time I would lean on the side of comfort. Shapewear is effective because it holds everything in place via force and compression, but the tradeoff is that no air circulates around that area. If you wear this to an outdoor event, I promise you will be miserable.


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  1. Handkerchiefs are essential. These seldom used accessories are quintessential for any gentleman and fulfill several roles. Unless ties are mandatory, this is the perfect time to opt for a pocket square. It serves the same function as a tie, providing color and coordination to your outfit, but keeps your neck and collar open. However, you should not use your pocket square to mop your brow or wipe your nose. For that purpose carry an extra, generic, white linen handkerchief in your pocket. It’s also a gentlemanly gesture to pass one to your date during the exchange of vows.


Summer weddings are inevitable, but melting into a hot mess while attending one is not. While you may not stay crisp and dry, at least you will feel more comfortable and able to enjoy the festivities.